Our App: Check Yourself

We have been developing the Check Yourself App for teens to use before their healthcare visits.  The app gives teens personalized feedback and strategies for staying healthy. It also gives health care providers key information. We hope the app will spark better conversations between teens and their healthcare providers and will motivate teens to make healthy choices.

Health Topics Covered by Check Yourself

The Check Yourself app leads teens through an evaluation of their health through a comprehensive look at a range of wellness areas. These are displayed in the image below.

Why Teens Like Check Yourself

  1. It makes health screenings more interesting and consistent, using teen-approved design
  2. It uses research-based motivational strategies to give teens personalized feedback and help them set their own goals
  3. It gives teens health resources and tips to fit their goals

Why Providers Like Check Yourself

Healthcare providers are busy, and increasingly have to fit more and more screenings into teens’ healthcare visits. The Check Yourself app saves providers a lot of time by screening teens across a range of recommended health topics. Providers also like Check Yourself because:


More About the App

The Check Yourself app was created on the Tickit platform developed by Tickit Health. Teens advised us on how to develop the app to make sure it is both applicable and appealing.


Providers can take an overview training of the Check Yourself app. For additional or specialized training, please email Dr. McCarty or Dr. Richardson.